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how the hell did it get to be november?

I love, love.
any of you layout elitists wanna re-do mine? I don't know how do make mine fun and am open to anything new.

Aug. 3rd, 2004

lots of stuff is going on right now, but whats important is,
that the Blood Brothers and Against Me! are playing the Glasshouse sometime soon, that's going to be nice and fun.
my friend Andres has a prairie dog as a pet, which I think is one of the funniest things in the world. This thing looks like a gigantic hampster with no ears and huge tallons (so it can climb up your legs) and it quacks like a duck, amazing and they're illegal to have as a pet for some reason.
I bought Y Tu Mama Tambien, for $9.99 at Best Buy such a good movie.
I love the weekends.
oh yes and label_me_mabel would like to make love to me. That makes me warm inside.

We will eat the corporate club owners that enforce 21+. Yes, yes we will <33.
attn: everyone on my friends list


Im fuckin bored at work the boss is gone and someone should im me@ Jesja7. IM bored. and im hungry even though i ate a foot long veggie delight like 2 hours ago.

I was looking at some old pics the other night and was more entertained by all of the random people in the background that i never payed much attention to before. It's pretty silly to think that we all are in the background of hundreds, or thousands of other peoples pics.
Tiffany come back the CD stack is climbing up the wall. What day are we supposed to send them out? the first?? i don't know thats why you should come back. How is Paris lady?